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TCX boots only provide the safety characteristics described if worn correctly and maintained in perfect condition. It is the responsibility of the user to maintain the boots properly and replace them if the soles and uppers become damaged, de­formed or badly worn.

It is likewise the responsibility of the user to ensure that all closing systems (Velcro, zips, laces etc.) are intact and in good working order. The boots must be fastened properly at all times to ensure that they fit the foot without restricting the manoeuvres required in the discipline to be practised. Users must always take into consideration the fact that the performance of the boots may vary and may be compromised by changes in climatic conditions such as excessive heat, cold, rain, snow and frost.

The manufacturer declines all responsibility for accidents, damage, personal injury or death deriving from improper use of the boots.



Motorcycling and use of other motor vehicles, both on the track and on the road, involve a degree of risk of serious personal injury and even death. Suitable personal protective equipment should be worn at all times to reduce the level of risk involved. Our on-road and off-road motorcycling boots are fitted with safety and protection systems for the most delicate parts of the foot. Nevertheless, it must always be remembered that no device gives motorcyclists absolute protection if they lose control of their vehicle, fall or collide with other immobile objects or other vehicles. It is essential for motorcyclists to be thoroughly familiar with their motorcycle and the characteristics and limitations established by the manufacturer of the vehicle. The manufacturer declines all responsibility for accidents, damage, injury or loss of life resulting from use of its boots for purposes for which they have not been designed and tested.