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DAKAR 2013: stage 4

Fourth and long leg (720 km!!) from Nazca to Arequipa across the Peruvian desert with a 290 km special stage still to dunes, rocks and navigation very complicated that it did last year, for its objective difficulty, get in crisis most of the top riders. And this year the script was the same with the current leader, Cyril Despres, who lingered long lost command of the overall, slipping to third place overall. Starts to turn a little luck for the factory Honda HRC H. Rodriguez, who seems to have solved the troubles to his CRF and finishing in fifth place.

Tomorrow fifth stage from Arequipa to Arica, close to the chilean border, of 411 km.


Results stage 4: Nazca to Arequipa – total distance 720 km



Overall results standing (after 4 stages)


DAKAR 2013 - stage 3

Still a lot of sand dunes and navigation in the third stage of the 2013 Dakar where the real values of the race begin to make the difference. The long special test of the whole stage (243 km of sandy dunes worthy of the most 'famous "Sahara" desert) has started to do the initial screening and so' the "full throttle" have given way to the specialists riders: stage 3 to "Chaleco" Lopez but Despres fights throughout the test finished third that allows him to take the lead in the overall. Excellent fourth place for factory Husqvarna rider Alessandro Botturi now 12th in the overall. Unfortunately still technical problems have for Helder Rodriguez to his CRF 450 factory Honda

Tomorrow 4th stage from Nazca to Arequipa


Results stage 3: Pisco to Nazca – total distance 343 km

1, Chaleco Lopez,  KTM
2, Paolo Goncalves, Husqvarna
3, Cyril Despres,  KTM TCX RIDER
4, Alessandro Botturi,  Husqvarna TCX RIDER
5, Jakub Przygonski,  KTM


Overall results standing (after 3 stages)

1, Despres, KTM TCX RIDER
2, Lopez, KTM
3, Ullevalseter, KTM
4, Pain, Yamaha
5, Casteu, Yamaha

DAKAR 2013: stage 2

The Dakar rally gets into the heart of the competition finding dunes and sand "saharian style" over the 242 km special test made ​​the ring around the town of Pisco. The test proved to be quite difficult, especially in the navigation settings as well as to get difficoult for the defending champion Despres a real specialist of the navigation stages reached the finish line with more than 10 min. of delay. Better made ​​his teammate Ruben Faria with the fourth in the stage jumps to second overall.


Results Stage Two

Pisco to Pisco– total distance 327 km
1, Joan Barreda Bort, Husqvarna
2, Joan Pedrero, KTM
3, Mathew Fish, Husqvarna
4, Ruben Faria,  KTM TCX RIDER
5, Kurt Caselli, KTM

DAKAR 2013: stage 1

The 2013 Dakar rally has started with a long road running transfer from  Lima to Pisco, something like a 250 km run with a very short special stage inside very similar to a motocross/enduro test organized for the ranking overall starting, waiting for the first real stage on the peruvian dunes around Piscot town scheduled already on the day 2.

Results Stage One – Prologue
Lima to Pisco– total distance 263 km:

1, Chaleco Lopez,  KTM,
2, Frans Verhoeven,  Yamaha
3, Pablo Qintanilla, Honda
4, Patricio Cabrera,  Kawasaki
5, Cyril Despres,  KTM  TCX RIDER
6, David Casteu, Yamaha
7, Ruben Faria, KTM TCX RIDER

MX1/MX2 - Valkenswaard

A second overall and two 3.rd places are the final result of the TCX riders during the opening round of the 2012 World championship motocross series. On the "sandy" track in Valkenswaard Joel Roelands e Tommy Searle aboard their CLS Kawasaki made their best against the sand specialist KTM rider Jeffrey Herlings (who went 1-1 in both motos) and they back home with a very good result indeed in a long championship, the one of MX2, that they will be fighters till the end seeing their level over the difficult dutch track. In the MX1 class Steven Frossard, after two great starts, gets the podium in both motos waiting to fight with his major rivals Cairoli e Desalle over other and harder tracks more confident for his riding.

Next round of the 2012 World championship motocross series april 29 for the Italian GP in Fermo.


MXWC results dutch round - Valkenswaard 09/04/2012

MX1 overall results:1. Antonio Cairoli (1+1 KTM); 2. Clement Desalle (2+2 Suzuki); 3. Steven Frossard (3+3 Yamaha

MX2 overall results: 1. Jeffrey Herlings (1+1 KTM); 2. Joel Roelants (3+2 Kawasaki); 3. Tommy Searle (2+3 Kawasaki)