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WSSC Assen race report

Sprint finish for the supersport class in Assen where Sam Lowes this time takes the first lace over the rival turkish kawasaki rider Kenan Sofoglu. The british, third in the 2012, after the unluky round of Aragon, takes the first victory of the season riding his Yamaha with which already seems to have reached a great feeling seeing the performance in practice and durng the heats.



1. Lowes (Yamaha) TCX rider

2. Sofuoglu (Kawasaki)

3. Foret (Kawasaki)

4. VD Mark (Honda)


For the second round the WEC 2013 went to Argentina in the "hot&dusty" San Juan where in the E1 class keep on the winning time of Antoine Meo who returns home with two first places that give back very clear about the qualities of the 012 world champion. The E2 class is definitely more 'fought" and pela Renet will have to fight to the end with Salvini and Cervantes while in the major E3 defending champion Nambotin has found in Leok a worthy opponent and stage final GP winner. Very good performance by the youngun McCanney in the Youth Cup with an emphatic 1-1 that wins GP class.

The next round of the WEC will be held in Spain next 11 and 12 May in Puerto Lumbreras

WEC round 2 Argentina - San Juan

1. Meo (KTM) 1-1; 2.Salminen (Husqvarna) 2-2; 3.Seistola (Husqvarna) 3-3; 4. Oldrati (Husaberg) 4-5;

1.Salvini (Honda) 1-1; 2.Renet (Husaberg) 2-3; 3. Cervantes (KTM) 2-5;

1. Leok (TM) 1-2; 2. Nambotin (KTM) 1-4; 3.Ljunggren (Husaberg) 4-2;

1.Phillips (Husqvarna) 1-2; 2.McCanney (Gas Gas) 2-3; 3. Giacomo Redondi (KTM) 3-5

Enduro Youth Cup
1. McCanney (Husaberg) 1-1; 2. Ciucci (Husaberg) 2-3;


The 2013 WEC started last week end in Chile with the last 4 world titles TCX riders (E1, E2, E3 and Junior class) still guest stars in each class. This year over the "dry" and dusty race around Talca "our last 4 heroes" have been confirmed at the top of each respective class with Antoine Meo real ruler of E1 with a peremptory 1-1, E2 with "Pela" Renet great on Saturday, while Ljunggren and Nambotin to divide equally the E3 in two days of competition anticipating what will be' the "leit motif" throughout the Championship seen their lap times. "Jack" Redondi comes out great in the Junior class with excellent 1-1 while in the Youth cup McCanney already proving to be a great promise for the future.

Next round of the 2013 WEC next week in Argentina

WEC Talca - Chile DAY1

1,  Meo, KTM TCX rider
2,  Salminen, Husqvarna
3,  Seistola, Husqvarna

1, Renet, Husaberg TCX rider
2, Aubert, KTM
3, Salvini, HVA

E3 Results
1, Ljunggren, Husaberg TCX rider
2, Nambotin,  KTM TCX rider
3, Leok, TM

1, Redondi,KTM TCX rider

2, McCanney,  Gas-Gas
3,  Kvarnstrom, Beta

Youth Cup
1, Herrera,  TM
2, McCanney,  Husaberg TCX rider

3, Nogueira,  TM

Day 2
1, Meo,  KTM TCX rider
2, Oldrati, Husaberg TCX rider
3, Remes,  TM

1,  Salvini,  Honda
2,  Cervantes,  KTM
3,  Aubert,  KTM

1,  Nambotin,  KTM TCX rider
2,  Ljunggren, Husaberg TCX rider
3,  Thain,  Gas-Gas

1,  Redondi,  KTM TCX rider
2,  Roman, Husaberg
3,  Philips, Husqvarna

Youth Cup
1,  Herrera, TM
2,  McCanney, Husaberg TCX rider
3,  Elowson, Husaberg


The good feeling with the big bore 450 KXF keeps on for Tommy Searle who attempted his second GP in the MX1 class with still a good placement in the both the heats of the class and in the superfinal. The English Kawasaki rider with two fifth places and with a very good count timing laps also showed in the Thai GP he was not so far from the leading group who have several years of experience with respect to him especially in MX1 race management on 40 min. heat . Best attempted for Ale Lupino in that round of the MX2 closes with an 8 th overall. The Swiss rider Arnaud Tonus did not start because of the aftermath of the accident suffered in Losail round.


MX2 Race: 1.Herlings (KTM); 2.Febvre (KTM); 3.Anstie (Suzuki), ; 4.  Butron (KTM); 5.Ferris (Yamaha); 6.Tixier (KTM); 7.Coldenhoff (NED, KTM); 8.Lupino (Kawasaki) TCX RIDER

MX1 Race 1 top ten: 1.Cairoli (KTM); 2.De Dycker (KTM); 3.Desalle (Suzuki); 4.Paulin (Kawasaki); 5.Searle (Kawasaki)TCX RIDER

Super Final : 1.Cairoli (KTM); 2.Paulin (Kawasaki); 3.Desalle (Suzuki); 4.Herlings (KTM); 5. Searle (Kawasaki) TCX RIDER

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