TCX® - Focus on boots

Speedway Line






UPPER: micro fibre with padded front bellow for increased comfort, elastic collar for a better wrapping on the calf

LINING: AIR TECH breathable

REINFORCEMENTS: shin plate, polyurethane back counter, suede leather heat

LEFT BOOT: special last and sole to allow perfect positioning of the steel shoe

RIGHT BOOT: high abrasion resistant sole equipped with exclusive adjustable heel


SIZE RANGE: EU 40-47 ; US 7-12,5


Torsion Control System®

The off-road Torsion Control System® has three rigid elements joined together by lugs that slide inside special pockets. Backwards and forwards sliding is ensured by two rear flexion points, while the sideways movement is based on two points that prevent excessive torsion beyond natural limits and protect the rider’s foot from injury. The special system’s design allows normal bending movement of the foot without the annoying deformation of materials used typically for traditional boots.