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24/7 The All Around Series


24/7 Performance Line






UPPER: microfibre combined with front and rear textile padded area for a better comfort                                                 LINING: AIR TECH breathable                                REINFORCEMENTS: newly designed polyurethane heel guard; polyurethane shift pad integrated in the sole, malleolus micro-injected reinforcemements with air intake                       SLIDERS: replaceable high-resistant polyurethane toe slider  CLOSURE: internal zip and Velcro band, instep adjustable fit system with Velcro band                                             FOOTBED: anatomic, extra light and breathable                     MID SOLE: reinforced PP, differentiated thickness                 SOLE: mono compound rubber sole with specific grip area   COLOUR: BLACK                                                                 SIZE RANGE: EU 35–49; US 3–14                                            CE CERTIFICATION


C.F.S. Comfort Fit System

Comfort Fit System, developed as a result of years of TCX® know-how, has always been one of the strong points of touring products. This special and virtually entirely manual technique allows the boot to be shaped on a “mould” that faithfully reproduces the anatomy of the foot, making the product exceptionally comfortable and ideal for prolonged use in different situations.


Instep adjustable fit system with Velcro band.


Conscious as ever of the topic of safety for the motorcyclist, TCX ® is at the cutting-edge, having patented efficient systems and fine-tuning them over the years, in the pursuit of an increasingly extreme protection, without ever forgetting to combine it with the utmost comfort. We were the first to launch onto the market motorcyclist boots certified according to EN13634 regulation.

We have worked hard to pass ever-challenging tests and to offer collections that comply with the new standards set by the various amendments to the standard. Today, we are in a position to guarantee CE certified footwear for all uses: from road to off road racing, to touring use, and even footwear designed for urban and leisure usage, like the now firmly-established line of TCX ® sneakers.