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A collection designed specifically for summer that uses a special composition of different microfibres to make garments extremely light and breatheable, for skin that is always dry and fresh. Built on an open, tubular structure, TCX® Base Layer Summer garments optimise airflow at the largest perspiration points, ensuring maximum wellbeing, even in the warmest climates. The seamless technology applied to the sleeves and sides prevents the garment from shrinking and allows it to adapt to your body shape without restricting you. This guarantees great freedom of movement and ideal muscle contraction.


TCX® Base Layer garments are produced with very light fibres that are ergonomic and do not deform. The materials used are innovative and have excellent heat regulation and breatheability properties. These fabrics make the garments of the Base Layer TCX® collection hypoallergenic, bacteriostatic and easy to maintain since they dry quickly. They are also resistant to UV rays, oil, and grease. TCX® Base Layer Summer garments are made from fibres that offer comfort and improve performance in terms of nature.
Composition: 45% Dryarn® polypropylene microfibre - 50% polyammide microfibre - 5% Creora EA.

  • Cod. 25125

    Extra breathable T-shirt – A.F.S. Air Flow System

    SIZE: S/M - L/XL

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    A unisex, ergonomic, seamless T-shirt, designed for summer. This item’s special construction creates an actual ‘grid’ at the points of greatest perspiration (shoulders, torso, back) which channels and maximises air flow, avoiding overheating and keeping body temperature constant.
    The special structure and use of a special combination of microfibres make this garment super-breathable, fresh, light and shrink-resistant whilst ensuring a perfect fit and ideal muscle contraction. This guarantees high performance in even the most scorching hot climates.

  • Cod. 25126

    Seamless T-shirt

    SIZE: XS/S - M/L - XL/XXL

  • Cod. 25124

    Seamless vest top

    SIZE: XS/S - M/L - XL/XXL

  • Cod. 25120

    Seamless necked top

    SIZE: XS/S - M/L - XL/XXL

  • Cod. 25129

    Seamless boxer

    SIZE: XS/S - M/L - XL/XXL

  • Cod. 25130

    Seamless leggings

    SIZE: XS/S - M/L - XL/XXL