D.F.C. System is the ultimate innovation developed in the TCX® Research and Development Dept. to offer an excellent balance between flexibility and protection. The structure, made of a special polyurethane compound, offers the foot and leg to naturally flex forwards and backwards, which preventing from ankle joint twisting. The system features a PU frame attached to the boot with two lateral hidden screws positioned on the heel counter, at malleolus level.


The consolidated partnership between TCX and WL GORE is further strengthened by the introduction of the GORE-TEX SURROUND® technology. Thanks to the recognised specialisation in the sector and its propensity to develop products that are increasingly at the cutting edge, TCX becomes the ideal partner for WL GORE in the definition of this revolutionary project.


The Torsion Control System® allows lateral and longitudinal movement of the ankle within its physiological limits, preventing excessive torsion and the risk of joint fracture. The main structure is composed of a double-heel counter and an interchangeable, polyurethane frame that allows lateral and longitudinal movement of the ankle, preventing torsion beyond natural limits. This structure is connected to central body sewn to the upper, connecting the top to the bottom of the boot to guarantee excellent hold.


TCX®, which has always been committed to pursuing high-tech solutions and cutting-edge safety systems, in the 2015 signed a major agreement for the development and production of high-performance motorcycling outsoles with JV International, a strategic partner for its innovative MICHELIN Tech Soles.


The "Ideal" construction technique is a craft-based construction process that guarantees comfort, hard-wearing resistance and flexibility for footwear thanks to a totally traditional production process. The leather upper, prepared with the outer edges bonded and pressed onto a dedicated midsole, is stitched vertically. The yarn employed, which used to be cotton, and then replaced by nylon or synthetic material, is dipped in a purpose-designed boiler full of melted tar to ensure the yarn and holes are totally waterproof. The result is a top quality footwear whose distinguishing features are prestige and durability.

CORDURA® AFT (Air Flow Technology)

CORDURA® AFT (Air Flow Technology) is a high technology fabric where the polyamide fibres constitute the basis for a light-weight design that affords superior resistance to wear, to tearing and to abrasion. The knitted pattern that distinguishes this type of fabric offers a high degree of breathability, guaranteeing the best riding comfort in mild weather.