TCX 24/7


Leave the house, or stay in if you prefer, explore the city, go round the corner, run to get there quicker or walk to keep it further away, quicken your pace, keep up, get on the saddle to live your passion. Free to be, the way you want. Every day, all day.

TCX 24/7, the motorcycle shoe that offers maximum walking comfort and riding protection, to transform every moment into an experience of pure comfort.



Scientific research combined with the best TCX technologies mean you can wear motorcycle shoes all day, not just while you're riding.

The ZPLATE® insert combines transversal rigidity for impact protection with longitudinal flexibility for superior walking comfort. The wear-resistant GROUNDTRAX® outsole, created with a rubber tread featuring an anti-slip design, guarantees maximum grip on all surfaces and is complemented by an expanded EVA midsole. Lightness, comfort and long-lasting cushioning, whether riding or walking, is also provided by the Ortholite® insole, which ensures breathability over time. The D3O® protective inserts, designed to stiffen in the event of impact, offer optimal and imperceptible protection, combined with maximum comfort and freedom when walking. The models in the 24/7 WMN line are developed according to the TCX Woman Fitting Concept protocol, which analyses the ergonomics of the female foot for a fit that offers superior comfort.

€ 159,00
Price reduced from € 159,00 to € 111,30 -30%


Design-led solutions and research into materials for everyday adventures, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The models in the 24/7 line are available for both men and women and feature design solutions conceived to satisfy different motorcycling styles. The careful choice of materials and attention to detail create a huge range of options: the leather is treated and available in different colors, while the highly resistant fabrics are embellished with high-visibility details. A modern style, for wearing the same shoes on your motorbike and at work, adapting to motorcycle riders’ different looks.

Price reduced from € 179,00 to € 125,30 -30%


Experience the day on your motorbike and on foot, in any weather conditions

Waterproof and breathable, the Gore-Tex® Extended Comfort membrane allows you to use the motorcycle shoe in any weather, even on the most extreme days. Equipped with a T-Dry membrane to protect against atmospheric agents, the 24/7 is a guarantee of high levels of waterproofing for feet that always stay dry. When the climate is milder, the AIR membrane ensures your feet always stay fresh, offering optimal breathability.

Keep the same shoes.
Enjoy Everyday.